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How to Delete Apps on Android:

1. Go to the Settings menu, then choose Applications or Application Manager;

2. Slide to the DOWNLOADed tab and choose the application you want to delete;

3. Press the UNINSTALL BUTTON and click OK to confirm. The app will be deleted and the icon will disappear from the home screen and app box.

How to Delete Apps on iOS:

1. To delete an app from iPhone or iOS, you need to go to the home screen;

2. Find the application you want to delete, press and hold the application icon for a few seconds;

3. The application icon starts to shake and you see an X icon at the upper left corner;

4. Press the X icon and a popup window will pop up to ask about confirmation. Choose Delete to uninstall the app from your iOS devices.

How to Delete Applications on Windows Phone:

1. Go to the Applications list, find the application you want to delete;

2. Press and hold the application until a context menu with various options appears;

3. Tap the uninstall button and a popup window asks if you really want to uninstall;

4. Tap yes, unless you have changed your mind. If you want to delete a game application, go to the Games list and repeat the steps above.


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